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Matthew J Vince is an award winning music composer, film editor, and media producer.  Working with clientele such as Tencent, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Riot, Epic, Supercell, Hot Wheels, Nickelodeon, Doritos, and many others.  His fast-paced turnaround and knack for quality assurance has aided him in creating high quality content from ideas, writing, planning, filming, on-camera and voice over, editing, color correcting, audio mixing, to export and publishing content with SEO and thumbnail updates. 

He has produced and aided in social media campaigns creating content, gear reviews, news articles, and product showcases that have reached 600k daily on Facebook, 5k reach on Instagram, gained 2.08 million followers, 3.38 million interaction, 54.73 million video views, and 2.19 million youtube views for companies within the span of 8 months.

In addition to all this work he has worked on films such as Salt, Somewhere, Burn After Reading and TV Shows Cash Cab and House Hunters International.  He co-owned a successful media company in Chicago producing weddings, music videos, pilots, web series, commercials, and product show pieces. He continues to film, edit, compose, write, and produce content in Los Angeles and frequents Chicago.

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